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Hi, I’m Ellie Zwanepoel. Mum to two gorgeous pickles and wifie to my husband of almost 13 years, Philip.

wineinateacup.co.za was born from a love of writing and as a space for me to be me. My own little haven of solitude on the web. A place for me to share life happenings, dreams, kids stuff, travel experiences and to show that we are all in this thing called life together. A tongue in cheek and real look at life as an expat mum of two who enjoys a glass of wine at the end of the day.

I grew up in a tiny village in England and started my Publishing career in London at the age of 21. During an impulsive trip to South Africa in 2003, I met my hubbie and never looked back. After a year of long distance romancing and astronomical phone bills, we moved to Dubai where we stayed for almost 9 years.

Now residing in Cape Town, South Africa, I think I’m destined to always be an expat. I love exploring new countries and settling into the local way of life. I love my life as a Mum. In the words of my favourite band, Lifehouse, it’s perfectly imperfect! My kids challenge me everyday but I love that I’m always learning and growing as a person and as a Mum. I by no means think I have it all figured out. Who does, right?

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Along with my kiddiwinks, I’ve written and illustrated several children’s books which we have self-published through Amazon. We are very proud of our creations and look forward to writing many more books as well as developing new characters as we too develop through the years. Please visit Zwannie Books to find out more.

If you’re looking for someone to write engaging and creative content in a fun and relatable tone, or you’d like to collaborate, contact me today so we can get to work!

Chat soon,


P.S My surname isn’t as intimidating to pronounce as it looks. Just say Swan-a-pool! Easy, hey!

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Ellie's favourite pics

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Ellie's favourite pics

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enjoying some rare snow in SA

Ellie's favourite pics

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