5 minute make-up

5 minute make-up

5 MINUTE MAKE-UP From Yuck to Yey in a flash! 5 minutes? Yes, that’s what I said. That's all you need to go from yuck to yey! If you’re anything like me, you like to look fairly presentable on the morning school run. But maybe you hit snooze one (or three)...

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Hello, I’m Ellie and welcome to my little haven on the web, Wine in a Teacup.

In these hectic times that we live in, I love having a place to come and write and just be me. I hope you enjoy your time here and find the things I have to share both informative and useful, yet a little amusing too! wink wink.

Writing is my therapy and maybe in some way my words can be yours…until it’s time for wine!

Cheers me dears

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